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– Secure safety doors for entrance and exit
– Viewing gallery
– Soft seating areas
– Eating area
– Cafeteria
– Luxury hot drinks
– Delicious nutritious food
– Baby Change Room
– Separate disabled toilet including baby change
– Male / Female toilets including childrens’ toilets and disabled cubicles

Ground Level

Toddler area: Maximum capacity 38 busy, recommended 19 for comfort


– Ball juggler – see the balls suspended magically on a jet of air
– Spikey Crikey soft play animal shapes
– Toddler Tag Interactive Passive Learning System – Place the numbered and lettered cubes on the “home” cube base and see the corresponding number or letter on the screen with a fun jpeg
– Interactive Touchscreen Games Unit – Play 1 or all of the 14 fun and educational games on the touchscreen unit
– Ball Pool – Have fun in the toddler ball pool
– Climb up the ramp, through the dangling Biff Bashes and then back down the side

Baby Area: Max capacity 15 busy, recommended 7 for comfort


– Play and learn on the fun picture floor pads
– Play with the fun wall play pads, play tic, tac toe, learn your ABC and 123, learn the different feel of different textures on the texture panel and see what you look like in the large mirror
– Have a spin on the Spin Me pad
– Play on the rockers and build with the soft play lego bricks

Main Frame Max capacity busy 95, recommended for comfort 48

Ground Level

– Enter the frame from the back right and find your way to the Rocking Rodeo Rider, hang on and don’t fall off!!
– Head around from here to your left and test your balancing skills on the balance beam or hang around on the Buoy Swing
– Or head up through the tri decks and climb up to level 1 or use the ramp on the front section in the middle of the frame or the ramp next to the ground floor entrance right rear.

1st Floor

– Enter the Climb Tube and make your way UP to level 2 to the top of the large wavy slide
– Squeeze your way past the Pyramid decks and balance on the stepping stones
– Climb up another set of Tri Decks to access the top of the big wavy slide
– Go through the dangling Biff Bashes and up the cargo ramp to access the 2nd floor and the panoramic sphere (which is being moved to the front of the frame)
– Or turn around and go up the ramp to access the top of the big wavy slide

2nd Floor

– At the top of the cargo net ramp you’ll be able to access the panoramic sphere or right…
– Turn right and head for the clear traversing wall and look like spider man whilst watching the other kids sliding down wavy slide
– Access the web bridge to the mezzanine level
– Go past the traversing wall through the dangly snakes and crawl through the tube to access the top of the big wavy slide