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Hello, 1310329547tI’m Crystal and I’m the teacher of the Cheshunt, Broxbourne, and Hoddesdon areas.

I began with TinyTalk when my son, Martin, was 5 months old and it quickly became the highlight of the week for both Martin and myself. Martin is now four and still a big TinyTalk fan, and I have a new TinyTalker, Holly, who is only 10 months old.

At TinyTalk classes we sing songs, play musical instruments and end the hour with a bit of play time for the babies and socialising for the Mums with a cuppa and a biscuit. The signing comes naturally as a part of the singing and playing, so it is easy to practice at home.

As a first-time mother I was worried when Martin began to move off milk and onto food. How would I know when he was hungry or thirsty? At nine months Martin began to confidently sign the words “food” and “drink” so it was never an issue for us. Even with just a few signs, babies can tell us so much!

We later used signing to clarify spoken words. When 3 words all sound the same, it was a huge advantage to have sign language to clarify which of the words he meant.

If you would like to give TinyTalk a try at Kid Mania, please contact them via www.facebook.com/visitkidmania. We would love to see you!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TinyTalkBroxbourne

Bizzy Bambinos
Bizzy Bambinos

Bizzy Bambinos are fun Italian classes for pre-school children from around 12 months onwards. Younger babies are also welcome and current research suggests that the earlier you start the better!

Classes run for approximately 40 minutes and include nursery rhymes, action songs, playing musical instruments, some musical movement and developing listening skills and finish off each class with a short story in Italian.

Bizzy Bambinos’ aim is to teach fundamentals of Italian vocabulary eg counting to 10, colours, body parts, animals etc using visual tools and direct instructions.

Website: www.bizzybambinos.co.uk

Introducing Lingotots

Coming to Kid Mania LINGOTOTS – not to be missed!

Language learning made fun through play, singing and storytelling.

LINGOTOT’S new fun-packed new French and Spanish Summer School will be starting on SATURDAY 26th JULY at Kidmania, Cheshunt. It will run every Saturday for 6 weeks during the holidays. Come along and have fun, all in another language!

Lingotot classes are interactive and fun, designed to introduce you and your child to a new language in a friendly and relaxed environment. We speak 100% in the foreign language but our skills and expertise ensure everyone understands. Following our carefully tried and tested methodology, your child could leave the very first class responding to French, Spanish or even Chinese! Suitable for babies, toddlers, young children…in fact the whole family!

Sessions are led by experienced, fully qualified modern foreign languages teachers or fluent speakers. They are suitable for babies, toddlers and young children. Siblings are welcome to come along to the same class.

French 9am – 9.30am; Spanish 9.30 – 10am. Discounted rate for soft play when you attend a session.

Please contact me to find out more and reserve your place – liz@lingotot.com

Like the page on Facebook to keep right up to date:

Or visit our website: www.lingotot.com/hertford


Introducing Bumblebeats

Baby at BumblebeatsBumblebeats is coming to Kid Mania on June 6th and we will post all other details shortly so please keep a look out!

Bumblebeats is a brand new developmental music group run by an experienced musician and music therapist.

The groups are unique, stimulating and fun for both adults and children.

Bumblebeats started through Emily’s desire to combine her music and teaching skills with her bubbly personality to benefit children. The combination of Emily’s music therapy, performance and teaching skills makes her groups fun, stimulating and ultimately unique. The groups have a maximum of 15 children to maintain a personal experience for your child. A variety of percussion instruments and other sensory equipment are used for each session. The sessions are based on a core structure, including hello and goodbye songs, with a mixture of different songs and activities in between.

For more information please visit www.bumblebeatsonline.co.uk

Free Piccalilli’s Drama Classes

Piccalilli'sPiccalilli’s is a new and exciting drama experience for 18-36 month olds.

The classes explore drama through storytelling and role play developing young ones social skills confidence, creativity, concentration and co-operation.

The most important aspect of the class is to have fun while going on different adventures each week and bringing stories to life.

The first drama class is Tuesday, 29th April – 1.15pm til 1.45pm and no extra cost after entrance fee!

Website: www.piccalillis.co.uk

Kid Mania Opening
Kid Mania Opening

Kid Mania officially opens its doors to the public very soon!

We cannot wait to see you all and hope everybody has a fantastic time.